Our history

Timat Service s.r.l.

Our history

Timat was established in 1960 by the founder Dr. Francesco Paolo Meneguzzo, who despite his young age had already gained logistics experience in a company in Vicenza, as well as by Giovanni Bersani who was already operating within logistics.

The very first site was located in the offices of Contrà Catena in the center of Vicenza and later moved to a larger space in Piazza Mutilato and until the 1980s, in the Arrigoni palace in the nearby Contrà Cantarane.

During the first decade of this adventure, the founders were joined by well-respected collaborators such as Sergio del Ben and Paolo Bersani, the son of Giovanni Bersani. At the time, Meneguzzo was chairing the customs office right in front of the customs of Vicenza.

The enthusiasm of those years is indescribable and the company was consolidating and growing more and more.

In 1980 the need to expand and have a warehouse near the offices became more and more urgent so the property commissioned the construction of an industrial warehouse in the Creazzo area, via Pasubio. For the project, avant-garde and anti-seismic construction techniques were used.

A few years later adjacent to the warehouse an office building was constructed which is still Timat’s current home and where the founders and collaborators work.

Although various changes have taken place over the decades, our company has always had the same ownership and the most faithful collaborators (Sergio, Mauro and Mario) who started to participate in the social networking as well as in important business decisions.

In the second half of the nineties after Paolo Bersani had left, the founder Dr. Meneguzzo, though still a point of reference in the company until his death in 2008, passed the responsibility of the administration to Sergio Dal Ben, who in 2016 celebrated 50 years of work at Timat and who is currently the Director.

Since 2008, following the loss of Dr. Meneguzzo, his daughter Pia Meneguzzo joined Sergio’s administration and Mauro Andrioli (who is in charge of the sea sector), in order to navigate Timat’s business adventure flawlessly into the 21st century.