Maritime Shipping
Maritime Shipping

Our maritime service is fully customized and can cover full or groupage containers, bulk breaks and Ro / Ro ships.

The use of leading navigation companies, the collaboration with historical correspondents and the care of every aspect of the documentation, enable us to provide every time a full, personalized and punctual service.

Our strengths:

  • Credit card management;
  • Customs clearance;
  • DGR (dangerous goods);
  • Chamber of Commerce and Consulate visas;;

  • C.A.D. and C.O.D.;
  • Groupage services;
  • Risk insurance;


As authorized FIATA agents we can release Fiata Bill of Lading (FBL), thus offering a wide range of solutions to meet specific needs and requirements.

Container measurements

The dimensions and characteristics described below are purely indicative.
Each maritime shipping company or shipping company may have containers with slightly different dimensions.
Timat Service s.r.l. has no responsibility for the non-correspondence between what is indicated and the actual size and / or features of your container.

 MEASUREMENTSExternalInternalDoor Opening
Length6058 mm5950 mm-
Width2591 mm2360 mm2270 mm
Height2438 mm2310 mm2280 mm
WEIGHTTare2050-2650 kg
Maximum Loaded18270-27980 kg
INTERNAL VOLUME32.00 / 33.90 m3
 MEASUREMENTSExternalInternalDoor Opening
Length12192 mm11950 mm-
Width2438 mm2300 mm2290 mm
Height2591 mm2360 mm2260 mm
WEIGHTTare3630-3740 kg
Maximum Loaded26740-26850 kg
INTERNAL VOLUME65.20 / 67.7 m3
 MEASUREMENTSExternalInternalDoor Opening
Length12192 mm12020 mm-
Width2438 mm2340 mm2290 mm
Height2896 mm2680 mm2570 mm
WEIGHTTare3800-4150 kg
Maximum Loaded26580-26600 kg
INTERNAL VOLUME75.70 / 76.00 m3
 MEASUREMENTSExternalInternalDoor OpeningRoof Opening
Length6058 mm5800 mm-5700 mm
2438 mm2310 mm2280 mm2150 mm
Height2591 mm2280 mm2070 mm
WEIGHT Tare2150-2250 kg
Maximum Loaded
18170-27980 kg
INTERNAL VOLUME31.4 / 32.6 m3
 MEASUREMENTSExternalInternalDoor Opening
Roof Opening
Length12192 mm12020 mm-11800 mm
2438 mm2320 mm2280 mm2150 mm
2591 mm2270-2380 mm2190 mm
WEIGHTTare3650 kg
Maximum Loaded
26680 kg
64.00 / 66.40 m3
 MEASUREMENTSExternal Door Opening
Length6058 mmLength between end panels5660 / 5930 mm
Open side
5500 / 5700 mm
Width2438 mmWith of loading platform2390 mm
Width within inner supports
2230 / 2250 mm
Height2591 mmInternal height2200 / 2285 mm
WEIGHTTare2300-2560 kg
Maximum Loadedfrom 17850 to 27920 kg
 MEASUREMENTSExternal Door Opening
Length12192 mmLength between end panels
12080 mm
Open side5500 / 5700 mm
Width2438 mmWith of loading platform2430 mm
Width within inner supports
2230 / 2240 mm
2591 mmInternal height
1850 / 2100 mm
WEIGHTTare3150 kg
Maximum Loadedfrom 21300 to 31030 kg