Humanitarian Shipments
Humanitarian Shipments

In addition to dealing with international shipments, for almost 60 years, we have devoted ourselves to humanitarian projects in charge of leading religious mission orders, many NGOs and ONLUSs, and other secular operations all over the world.

We are accredited to the UNHRD World Food Program (WFP UNHRD) for international co-operation.

Starting in the 1980s, we began collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus gaining full expertise and experience in the field.

We guarantee maximum availability and flexibility, dealing with practices related to:

  • Various documentation for obtaining certificates of all kinds;
  • Making our warehouse available for collecting goods;
  • Containerization

We deliver to specific destinations including the most remote and disadvantaged locations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We arrange for the customs clearance of goods in compliance with current rules and regulations in customs affairs.

Logistic service is ensured by an efficient storage system with modern equipment for loading and unloading.

Our experience allows us to offer a highly qualified and structured service, designed and tailored around the specific humanitarian project, working together seamlessly towards the goals.