Timat Service s.r.l.

Who we are

Since 1960, Timat has been working in the field of international shipments, offering its customers quick and effective service.

Since the beginning, Timat has shipped goods to all five continents.

hanks to the quality and variety of the services we offer, our company has established itself in the logistic sector and has become the oldest international shipping company in the province of Vicenza.

Services Offered:

  • shipments by sea, air and road;
  • complete containers;
  • container groupage;
  • break bulk;
  • Ro/Ro;
  • direct and consolidated flights;
  • full trucks, express trucks also with temperature control, groupage services;;

  • insurance and customs services;
  • storage, warehousing, containerization and supply of industrial wood packaging;
  • customs and tax warehousing;
  • sale and rental of containers;
  • industrial wood packaging.

By acquiring the AEO (authorized economic operator) certification, Timat has been recognized with Community Reliability and AEO Customs status: this status verifies compliance with customs requirements, criteria for the accounting system, security standards and it guarantees financial solvency.

In addition to traditional transport operations, since the 1980s our company has developed an extensive experience in humanitarian expeditions in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. TIMAT has committed itself to important humanitarian expeditions and ONLUS and NGO projects including over 265 missions in the most disadvantaged locations in more than 70 countries.

Timat is accredited by the United Nations agency WFP (World Food Program) and UNHRD (UN Humanitarian Response Depot) a network which distributes and transports emergency product supplies for international co-operation.


Our mission is to satisfy the customer, your world and your needs, to create a loyal and lasting relationship.

Timat has always been the ideal partner to entrust all kinds of goods and transport.
In every operation, the minimum detail is always handled with the utmost care, professionalism and dedication. Solutions are always studied and developed according to different needs, with the certainty that the goals will be understood, shared and achieved above all.

At every stage, the customer is constantly assisted by competent and specialized personnel as well as during international fairs.
Particular attention is paid to Claims Documentation and Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).


Why choose us?



Nearly 60 years of experience in international logistics.


The certainty of a safe outcome.


Our competent, qualified and loyal staff will assist you at every stage, before, during and after shipment.


We work with small and / or large quantities of goods of any nature, even dangerous goods.